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Our most traditional festivals come to life thanks to the gunpowder of fireworks. Among the smoke stars, different typical characters of the festival appear, such as devils, giants, tadpoles, sardanas and human towers with their spectacular human constructions.


Millennial Tarragona and traditional festivals in Playa Bara

We are located in a region marked by its Roman past. Tarragona was the capital of Roman Hispania (Imperial Tarraco). In this city you can contemplate more than 2,000 years of history by visiting the amphitheater, Roman forum, aqueduct, wall and various art.

Our most traditional festivals come to life thanks to the gunpowder of fireworks. Among the trails of smoke appear different typical characters of the festivals such as devils, giants, big heads, sardanas and the so-called ‘castellers’: spectacular human constructions.


Gastronomy and activities in Playa Bara

Our Mediterranean diet is present in coastal populations, who make the sea their way of life. In its markets you can see the public auction of fish and seafood caught by its fishermen. You should not forget to try the traditional cuisine of the area such as “calçotada”, “xatonada” or “romescada” (romesco fish and seafood casserole).

Our wonderful climate allows for various leisure options on our limestone beaches: Jet-ski, Sailing, Windsurfing… If you are looking for something more relaxed, you can practice sport fishing quietly on the beach. And for those who feel young, you can dance all night at the area’s nightclubs or spend a good day at the large Port Aventura™ amusement park.


Roda de Barà Beach

Year after year, the quality of the waters and facilities of this beach are worthy of the European blue flag. The European Union awards around 86 blue flags to Catalan beaches annually. Roda de Barà received 3 of them, one for each beach in the area: Playa de la Costa Daurada, Punta de la Guineu and Roda de Barà. All of them have an average water temperature of 22.5ºC in summer, and a dry and sunny climate even in the low season.

Roda de Barà is one of the best beaches in eastern Catalonia and is 80 meters from our campsite. With fine white sand and a mass of rocks that provide us with unbeatable views of the Costa Daurada. Spacious and with several services at your disposal (snack-bar and restaurant on the beach). Ideal for walking tours. Close to a typical fishing village called Roc de Sant Gaietà, full of possibilities for shopping and spending free time.