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Last update: June 10,2020

Applicable regulations


At PARK PLAYA BARA we have strengthened safety and prevention measures so that you can enjoy the outdoors and nature with us. We apply the rules established up by the European, Spanish and Catalan authorities, as well as the recommendations of the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality, the Spanish Camping Federation and the Association of Campsites on the Costa Daurada and the Terres de l’Ebre. On the other hand, we have set up a working group between the management, the heads of departments and the suppliers of medical, professional prevention and food services to oversee the application of the regulations and protocols.

As the exceptional measures applied to the restrictions and maximum capacity in the common areas may vary, we appreciate your understanding for any changes. The maximum capacity for common areas and activities and the full opening of the covered areas will be gradually increased as the regulations of the authorities progress.

Applicable regulations and websites of interest

Good practice guide

We have prepared for you this brochure with very useful tips to take into account about a culture of health and sanitation.

Frequently asked questions

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Customer’s service and services

In case of an emergency our customers have to call us on 0034.977802701. From our headquarters, we coordinate the actions to be taken, apply the necessary medical care protocols and manage reporting to external services.

Weekly meetings are held with heads of department where the correct application of the protocols is monitored and updated, with the purpose of preventing deviations from the prevention and safety plan. The cleaning and disinfection records of each service point and common areas are monitored daily by each area manager.

The first action is to isolate the person in a separate room of the medical centre. This room has a mobile phone, bed and water. After that, the staff of the medical centre staying in the Resort will take all measures as soon as possible according to the protocol of the health authorities.

In all common areas, toilet blocks, reception and public buildings.

The supermarket, the restaurant, the laundry, the maintenance and cleaning services offer home service. The food from the restaurants and the linen from the laundry will be delivered sealed to your home. This to ensure maximum security.

In case a client shows symptoms, they will be provided with a set of protective equipment (gloves and mask).

Yes, but it is advisable to pay by card.

The vending machines of all points of sale are cleaned periodically. We ask customers to be responsible and hygienic when using the vending machines in the points of sale, using the hydrogels available.

The staff will be equipped with personal protective equipment according to the health guidelines. The medical centre will carry out the appropriate follow-up for case detection and prevention. The company Quirón Prevención ( advises us on the application of the risk plan, the evaluation of the emergency situation and the safety standards for our team of workers.

We work with approved and certified products for the elimination of Covid-19.  Our maintenance suppliers are certified to disinfect accommodations and common areas if an infection is detected.

Reception & reservations

We have improved our online booking system and check-in protocols. However, given the situation, we ask our customers to understand any delays in order to ensure distance and preventive measures. We ask that only one person per family, if possible the holder of the reservation, enters the reception desk for any consultation. The reception and security personnel will indicate how to place the sticker in front of the vehicle.

As regulations are constantly changing, we provide instructions and information on best practices and maximum capacity  and timetables for using the services at check-in.

No, to respect your privacy, only in case of symptoms, the medical centre will be informed in order to apply a correct treatment.

We ask you to do all questions and requests for services both before your arrival and during your stay by phone (+34 977 802 701) or via our website (

Customers are responsible for putting on their wristbands with the instructions of the reception and safety personnel.

We are pleased to inform you that due to current pandemic the right is reserved to decline, to accept or retain any visitor willing to access the Camping Park Playa Bara. In addition some facilites of the establishment may be also affected by this new regulation. Many thanks for your understanding.

  • Only 1 person per family can go to the reception desk. This person is responsible for the registration of the other family members. When you check in, you must bring all the necessary documentation and/or identification with you.
  • There will be a methacrylate screen with a narrow bottom window that will separate the receptionist from the customer.
  • The screen will be cleaned regularly as dirt may remain on the protective screen.
  • The customer will be informed of the protocols in each service area and will receive a good practice guide.
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Common spaces – General

It is the responsibility of parents or guardians to monitor the behaviour of their children in these exceptional times until the competent authorities lower the alarm levels.

Constant cleaning will be carried out and measures will be taken to improve social distancing and hygiene. The common areas (reception, restaurants, swimming pools, mini-club, etc.) will be provided with registration forms where you can check the frequency of cleaning and disinfection.

All facilities will have information about the rules to be followed, the rates and the prevention and safety instructions.

There will be segregation strips and signs to avoid crowds and to maintain the safety distance.

Disinfection gel will be available for customers at all service points, as well as a constant cleaning of the counters. At the reception and in the restaurants there will be methacrylate screens to guarantee the distance and minimize contact.

No, we can’t guarantee the distance. In the recreation area we offer rental of bicycles, buggies and electric scooters.

It is very important that you follow the instructions on the information boards. Only adults can refill their water bottles without touching the bottle neck with the taps.

We adhere to the sanitary measures indicated by the authorities, both for the handling of goods and materials and for the safety of our staff.

Supermarket and souveniers

We will check the social distancing during peak hours.

Yes, as long as there is availability on the market.

Yes, they will be offered at the entrance of the supermarket.

You cannot try on the clothes, because we cannot guarantee that they will be disinfected continuously after customers have adjusted them.

Our hope is that the weekly markets can be opened as soon as possible, always according to the instructions of the health authorities.

Only in cases where the product is defective.

We adhere to the sanitary measures indicated by the authorities, both for the handling of goods and materials and for the safety of our staff.

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It is the customers’ responsibility to respect the spaces between adjacent plots and, as far as possible, to avoid visiting other families’ plots, always under their own responsibility.

Except in exceptional cases of disability or old age, customers are responsible for setting up their caravans and tents.

General cleaning

The most important actions are the following:

  • The disinfection of common areas and critical contact areas (door handles, taps, etc.) will be extended.
  • Hand disinfectant will be provided in common areas.
  • Working hours will be extended in those areas where the influence of people is greater, such as laundries, to ensure safety distances between customers.
  • Accommodations will have certificates of the cleaning process and its proper disinfection.
  • All cleaning staff will be trained in advance for adequate cleaning and disinfection in order to offer all customers the best protection.
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Toilet blocks

During the day there is constant cleaning and disinfection. During the night, the client will have to disinfect himself and will have the necessary material at his disposal.

The cleaning staff is trained to carry out the correct disinfection and we will use the appropriate viral disinfectants.

Yes, they can be used and they will be constantly cleaned and disinfected like the rest, but we always recommend keeping the safety distance between customers. As far as possible, we recommend that you use the sinks on your own plot.


We will lead you to the accommodation and explain how it works, but we will not go inside with you because the accommodation was previously disinfected for a new occupation and we want to give you that guarantee. The accommodations will be closed with a disinfection seal. The keys to the accommodation will be disinfected and delivered to you in a sealed bag.

The responsible staff is prepared and trained to carry out the correct cleaning and disinfection.

The laundry follows the protocol laid down in the official regulations regarding temperature, machines and cleaning products.

Due to the government prevention protocols, all air conditioners will have a temperature between 23 and 25 degrees.

We clean the filters of the air conditioners with an approved disinfectant.

We comply with all cleaning regulations. However, at the customer’s request, we can apply an extra shock treatment. Ask at reception for the prices of additional services.

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Yes, we’ll follow the internal disinfection protocol as in the rest of the common areas.

The laundry service is fully prepared to separate all laundry so that there are no cross-contamination. The laundry delivery bags are sealed.

Swimming pools

According to the maximum capacity standards, security staff and lifeguards will control access to the pools. The service will be intermittent so that the maintenance and cleaning teams can enter the pool areas and carry out the disinfection work.

No, because we apply the highest disinfection measures to exclude any contamination. Every year we carry out a thorough maintenance of the cleaning and filtering machines and there is a daily protocol of revision and cleaning.

We have reduced the number of sunbeds in order to guarantee the distance. The cleaning staff will provide each one with a constant disinfection to.

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Entertainment, playgrounds and sports areas

No, as long as you follow the established protocol and observe the relevant safety and hygiene distance. The animation team communicates the maximum capacity for each type of activity. Don’t forget that children under the age of 14 must always be supervides by an adult.

The equipment will be disinfected in advance and participants will be required to disinfect their hands with hydro-alcoholic gel provided at the service points.

Because it is an enclosed area with elements that need to be disinfected, the gym will remain closed until further notice. The entertainment team has developed many outdoor activities, individually and in groups and for different ages, so that you can stay fit without risk.

Be aware of the situation and take appropriate personal hygiene measures to help each other.

Keeping a distance between the different families. Follow the safety guidelines and the guidelines of the animation team to maintain the distance.

No, it is preferable to constantly wash their hands and avoid touching their face.

They can continue normally as long as the safety protocol is followed.

They will be distributed correctly to make the best use of the space.

It is possible, under the responsibility of each person, knowing that all communal and sports areas are disinfected daily and that the animation staff will only be present during their opening hours. The timetables and activities are available at Reception, Miniclub, Information Points and on our website (

This is an activity we love: that the customers participate in the production of the shows. This year, although we regret it, given the circumstances, it will not be allowed.

Because of its limited capacity and the fact that it is a closed space, we will announce at the information points the days and times when the disco will be open.

They will also be equipped with personal safety clothing. If there is the slightest suspicion of possible risks, the protective measures will be applied.

There will be posters about the maximum capacity in each service area. Everyone must be aware of the correct use of the facilities and parents must be responsible for what their children do.

The activity and entertainment areas are not a childcare service. Children under the age of 7 must be accompanied by their parents or guardian.

As long as you observe the security measures and make good use of them.

Yes, you can, because for each use there is always a disinfection of the material for which the animation team and the cleaning team are responsible.

Restaurants and catering

Yes, always with the social distance allowed and following the marked signs to avoid crowds.

We adhere to the sanitary measures indicated by the authorities, both for the handling of goods and materials and for the safety of our staff.

Yes, as long as the maximum of 4 persons per table is not exceeded. We have set up reservation facilities for groups of up to 10 people on the terraces. Don’t forget that the regulations for restaurants, bars and cafeterias are constantly changing, so we ask you to ask at reception for information about the maximum quorum.

Reservations are optional in the Resort’s main restaurant and in the beachfront restaurant, but we invite you to do so to be sure of a seat. Under no circumstances is it required to reserve a table, but it is better to avoid queues and crowds. Given the restrictions, we will have to reduce capacity, so we will work in shifts and inform you about access times at the entrance.

Yes, all our premises comply with the current regulations and are updated and adapted to the new regulations as notified by the health authorities. Our employees, as well as the disinfection of clothing and materials and the handling of food and beverages, comply with the standards.

Yes, there will always be a restaurant service for our customers.

Yes, there will be a free delivery service for our customers. The food will always be delivered in closed bags with a guarantee seal.

Yes, the sanitary protocol will be applied to them as it is to the rest of the customers.

The most important measures are:

  • Use of a disinfected uniform.
  • No smoking.
  • No use of mobile phones.
  • Use of gloves and mask in our kitchens.
  • Use of gloves and mask of our waiters.
  • Disinfection when receiving orders.
  • Respect the safety distance between employees.
  • Sterilization of all materials and props used in our restaurants.
  • Individual single-use cups and napkins.
  • Every time the employees use the toilet, they disinfect it with the appropriate cleaning agents.
  • All our employees will have their temperature checked.
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The safety personnel is responsible for compliance with the established rules. We ask all customers to follow the advice of our staff. Please inform us at reception or the security staff if you think that customers or employees are not following the rules.

Medical service

+34.977.802.701, Call center of the resort. It is very important to contact the resort first so that we are aware of each situation and can take the necessary actions according to the protocols for medical care and communication with external emergency services.

The most important actions are:

  • The medical staff will always approach the patients with a mask on and the use of the mask by the client will also be requiered, as the interaction between patient and medical staff does not allow the safety distance to be maintained when it is necessary to examine, care, etc.
  • The patient should only enter without an attendant, unless he/she is a minor or needs a translator.
  • Before entering the doctor’s practice, the client must disinfect his hands with hydro-alcoholic gel.
  • After each visit, the chair, payment modem, objects that the patient has touched are cleaned with a disinfecting spray.
  • Conventional thermometers will be replaced by remote thermometers.
  • If the legislation allows it at that moment we will possibly test the customers with rapid tests of COVID-19 .
  • The use of gloves is already implicit in our case, so it will be as usual.
  • -Professionals will have safety clothing consisting of a wetsuit, safety glasses, a screen and FFP2 masks in case a COVID-19 case is detected and needs to be treated. Should this occur, we will always act on the basis of current Health Department approvals.
  • In additional, we will install a protective screen on the doctor’s tables to provide protection while recording the patient data on the computer.
  • We will prioritize card payments as much as possible to avoid contact with cash as cash is exchanged between different people.
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Please check the days and opening hours of the Spa. We apply the highest disinfection measures to rule out any possibility of contamination. Every year we carry out a thorough maintenance of the cleaning and filtering machines and there is a daily protocol of revision, disinfection and cleaning. We will have to maintain the safety distance between people and respect the maximum capacity

Bring only your swimsuit, slippers and a towel, avoid backpacks, beads, jewellery, etc. For hygienic reasons it is mandatory to bring your own towel.

Yes, always respecting the maximum capacity and maintaining the safety distance between people. The sunbeds are constantly disinfected.

No, the changing rooms, showers and toilets of the spa remain closed.

Yes, as we will maintain the general measures of hygiene and disinfection of massage rooms, hands, materials, surfaces before and after each treatment.

Yes, and you need to be present at the indicated time without an attendant, because there will be no waiting room. This is in order not to get in contact with other people.

Bring only the essentials, avoid beads, jewellery etc. Don’t have a fever or symptoms (phlegm, cough…). It is compulsory to bring your own towel and wear a mask.

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Laurence Foret
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